Adaptation, flexibility and a commitment to customer service are the key traits which have allowed BSC to survive and flourish in a difficult economic climate. BSC was formed and incorporated in 1997, and its specialists have nearly a half century of cumulative experience in the cable TV and broadband industry.


With an original emphasis on large scale cable TV plant installation, fiber distribution and satellite downlink facilities, BSC has expanded its knowledge in order to grow with the demands of an every changing marketplace. Today BSC not only engineers, installs and maintains satellite and cable TV systems, but has the capability to include video, audio and presentation system installations as well.


Our goal is to complement and enhance the offerings of our customers, suppliers and business and alliance partners.  We are proud of the trusting relationships we have formed with our partners.


Our hope is that as we continue to grow you will find us not only a capable top notch communications company, but also trustworthy of your business and your friendship.




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